Networking is a word that used to fill me with dread.  As I gain years and experience, I’ve realized that applying the principles of human behavior in networking situations transforms them from dreadful to quite interesting–and even exciting!  As I listened to Judy Robinett’s (author of  How to Be a Power Connector) webinar for Tri-Net, my observations were further confirmed and deepened. All human beings want to be admired and valued.  As John Paul II repeatedly reminded us, we were made to be loved and to love.  Networking events are an opportunity to “share the love”.

Judy RobinettJudy reminded us that the best ways to connect with people are to make eye contact, lean in, give a sincere compliment, ask for advice or offer help, etc.  She also stressed the importance of knowing the objective of your networking: who do you want to meet and why? This reminded me of Covey 101: “Begin with the end in mind.”  How often we skip this step and go into execution mode with no plan or goal in mind!  If we plan our networking with our goals in mind, we will surely find that the number of networking events we feel we must attend will decrease and the results from those we choose to attend will increase.

Listening to this webinar motivated me to review my networking goals, map my connections, and network more effectively…thanks, Judy!


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