Every year at holiday time, CSR posts a gift suggestion guide.  This year’s list has ideas that can go toward your personal loved ones, and it has several that have a professional touch for company gifts.  The one thing in common with all of the ideas is a lower price point – big on thought, low on cost!

Here we go:

  • iPhone charging bracelets
  • Branded pop sockets for the back of smartphones
  • Passes to iFly (indoor skydiving) for a truly unique experience
  • Passes to Top Golf for another great experience gift (this is also a wonderful destination for team outings)
  • Custom glass bottle from ShareaCoke.com
  • Homebaked goodies that are beautifully wrapped
  • Stack of hand-painted blank greeting cards, wrapped in ribbon
  • Homemade coupon books that are customized for the receiver – just make sure you can make good on your services! Some ideas are babysitting so a couple can enjoy a date night, a car detailing that you do yourself, going grocery shopping, organizing a room together, doing a chore that they really dislike, etc.
  • Photo magnet or framed photo of a special occasion
  • Unique chocolate bars – wrapped up in a beautiful ribbon or funky gift bag
  • Handmade bookmarks for your book lovers – some even have little spots for a small photo inside or you can decorate with beads or paint
  • One idea came from a dear friend: At Christmas, each person writes what they would give to each other if they only had $5 AND if they had all the money in world. The recipient actually gets the $5 gift and the thoughtfulness that their big dreams are acknowledged.

And a most thoughtful gift that bears repeating – a donation to a loved one’s or colleague’s favorite charity.  We’d love to hear your ideas for low cost, big impact gifts – feel free to comment below.  Happy holidays from all of us at CSR!

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