Whether you listen to podcasts or not, appearing as a guest on one can be a huge boost to your business. 

Commercial real estate attorneys Kevin Caiaccio and Trey Chancellor of Caiaccio Law Firm were featured in a recent episode of the Real Estate CPA Podcast. It was their first time on a podcast. With a monthly listenership of 30,000, it was not a bad place to make their podcast debut. 

In the words of hosts Brandon Hall and Thomas Castelli, “The Real Estate CPA Podcast is the only real estate podcast that cuts through the fluff and explores hard topics like accounting and tax.”

In the episode, Brandon, Thomas, Kevin, and Trey discussed a variety of legal topics related to real estate syndication including entity structuring, legal issues when acquiring and disposing of properties, tax strategies they see their clients use, and much more. You can listen to the episode here.

After the recording

Once the episode was published, the law firm did everything it could to promote the podcast in their newsletter, on their website, and on their personal LinkedIn pages. The response from clients was positive.

But the best validation came when a person who had listened to the podcast reached out to them asking to become their client. Yes, it’s true, they signed a brand new client because of a single podcast episode. 

What this means for you

Going on a podcast as a guest is an efficient way to share your expertise and create content you can share with clients and business prospects. Spend some time researching the top podcasts for your industry, and then reach out to the hosts with a short bio and ideas on what you could talk about as a guest.Chances are they are always looking for new and interesting guests for their podcast and will book you. 

Before the day of the interview, practice at least once with someone asking you questions the same way the podcast host will. It’s better to flub and stumble during a practice round (when you have time to think through what you could do better) than waste a host’s time doing this when recording.

Interested in exploring what new mediums are right for your business? We’d love to hear from you.


Casie Yoder
Casie works directly with clients on big picture communications strategies and helps them tactically implement marketing plans to help them grow and scale. Prior to joining CSR, Casie founded her own consultancy Casie Yoder Consulting in 2016 to help start-up, small business, and non-profit clients communicate more strategically online and in the press. Before that, she managed the ultimate start-up: a political campaign. She spent more than five years in Washington D.C. working on state and national policy issues in communities across the country, focusing on communications and publicity. She was then selected from among hundreds of applicants to be the first Public Information Officer for the City of Decatur, where she not only shaped and maintained the ongoing communications strategy but also managed crises ranging from weather to crime. Casie graduated from Georgia State University in 2008, where she studied journalism and public relations. Since then she has received a certificate in Local Government Management from the University of Georgia. As an ADL Glass Leadership Institute member, an organizing committee member of the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum, and a supporter of the nonprofit and education sectors, Casie prioritizes giving back to her local and professional community.