Insight: Our Culture

The values at the heart of CSR are tenacity, versatility, caring, and openness.


Working With Us

CSR’s culture is built on these four core values and based on some key underlying assumptions.  Our team members believe passionately in servant leadership, in personal humility (it’s not about me) and professional will (think tenacity).

We never ask someone to do something we would not do ourselves. We recognize when we make mistakes and we apologize. By nature we are collaborative, not competitive. We save the competition for outside of the company! Finally, we all know how to have fun, how to inject humor into our daily lives and enjoy a good joke.

CSR’s Values


Team CSR will relentlessly seek solutions that unlock value for your company. We work hard, embrace new challenges, and never give up.



We address issues and seize opportunities in whatever way will work, whether it’s going through, around, over or under. We’re ready to adapt to new circumstances and turn on a dime when obstacles emerge.


We are stakeholders with our clients. We CARE what happens to our clients as much as they do and that caring translates into action and results.


As lifelong learners and listeners, we always seek new ways to improve our services and share valuable insights. We readily accept feedback, as it gives us the opportunity to grow and help our clients even more.

Suggested Reading

Books that have influenced our thought and culture and from which we quote terms, stories and analogies.