Lunch & Consult

Your business is well-served when CSR finds a problem and proposes a solution to fix it

Jane Rudov

Principal, Business Bionics

Review and diagnose your top challenges

The Lunch and a Consult Session is an impactful business-changing standalone product CSR offers to company owners.   In this meeting, we will review and assess up to two important areas of your choosing over a meal at the CSR offices.

Before the meeting, we will provide you with two of our CSR Consult Assessment Scorecards that will enable you to assess the health of your business.  These scorecards, typically used within our Strategic Planning Sessions, will give you the peace of mind that you are performing appropriately or provide you the confirmation that you need to make changes to address deficiencies that are keeping you from realizing goals. Over lunch, we’ll meet and discuss your results.  We’ll put them into the right context and frame them with regards to solutions and where you want to take your business. Our objective during this session is to provide clarity on your situation and then direct you to the appropriate resource that can resolve any other outstanding issues – whether that resource is within CSR or is an approved CSR partner.