Why We Exist

To create greater happiness and wealth for businesses and their owners.

What We Do

We make our clients into higher-performing businesses that are better aligned
to their owners’/stakeholders’ dreams.

How We Do it

We get into the specifics of each business or client’s current strategic plan and then work ‘from the inside’ to make meaningful and financially rewarding improvements. This requires passion, camaraderie, insightfulness, tenacity, versatility, and hard (hands-on) work, all of which are hallmarks of CSR’s approach.

What makes us different

We focus on business owners and their organizations

Our compensation model is tied to owner success

We implement what we recommend

CSR’s Values


Team CSR will relentlessly seek solutions that unlock value for your company. We work hard, embrace new challenges, and never give up.



We address issues and seize opportunities in whatever way will work, whether it’s going through, around, over or under. We’re ready to adapt to new circumstances and turn on a dime when obstacles emerge.


We are stakeholders with our clients. We CARE what happens to our clients as much as they do and that caring translates into action and results.


As lifelong learners and listeners, we always seek new ways to improve our services and share valuable insights. We readily accept feedback, as it gives us the opportunity to grow and help our clients even more.

Suggested Reading

Books that have influenced our thought and culture and from which we quote terms, stories and analogies.