Path to Results

CSR really helped me in all aspects of my firm. Frankly, I don’t know how I was doing it beforehand. They bring Accenture- and Ernst & Young-quality consulting to small business. I’ve never encountered this level of sophistication in a small practice.

Tom Shepherd

Clear The Way For Significant Results

CSR’s Path to Results is the way in which we partner with clients to implement their strategic plans AND ensure that the desired results are achieved. This sets us apart from other management consulting firms that offer recommendations without solutions, suggestions without execution, or ideas without results. We implement what we recommend—alongside our clients’ leaders and team members.

We recognize that a growing business has many functional needs—human resources, finance, operations, business development, marketing, systems—and CSR’s team members are experts in these areas. We also understand that every business’s path is different and requires customized plans in order to achieve its growth goals. Our functional scorecards drive plans that address gaps and allow everyone to see measurable progress. The Path to Results eliminates obstacles to growth and clears the way for significant results.

Our Path to Results offering is on a retainer basis. Another unique aspect to CSR is that our compensation is tied to the business’s success. We are highly motivated to make our clients into higher-performing businesses that are better aligned to their owners’ dreams.