Presentation Preparation Services

Your business is well-served when CSR finds a problem and proposes a solution to fix it

Jane Rudov

Principal, Business Bionics

Transform your presentation skills to enhance your business and personal success!

Presentation Preparation Sessions are an impactful business-changing standalone product CSR offers to professionals. Over three one-hour meetings, we will give you the tools you need to be a successful public speaker and market your business to existing and potential clients.

We will:

  • In the first meeting, help you articulate your message to suit various audiences.
  • In the second meeting, you will practice with live recordings and receive constructive feedback with a communication expert.
  • Finally, in the third meeting, you will have one last run-through, receive tips for calming public speaking anxieties, and develop nonverbal communication techniques to help you persuade or inform your audience.

Our objective during these sessions is to craft effective messaging and help overcome public speaking anxieties so that you can present your business clearly and effectively to current and potential clients.