Strategic Planning Session

They hold me and my team accountable for working our plan to implement the changes we need for business growth.

Steve Kapaun

President, Training Pros

CSR’s strategic planning sessions create a solid path for your business.

In a strategic planning session, CSR team members engage with the company owner (or partners) and hash out a 5-year strategic plan. Since small businesses are intrinsically entangled with the owners’ lives, we begin by mapping out personal goals. We then discuss the background of the business and dive into its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT analysis). Once we know where the business is, we look at where the owner(s) want to take the business by creating specific strategic objectives. We also develop high-level financial goals and projections.

A strategic planning session can be a half day or full day, depending on the business’ needs. After the session, the CSR team develops a comprehensive report that fleshes out the fruits of the collective work. The report is presented in a follow-up meeting. The owner(s) then have the option to continue on the Path to Results with the CSR team.