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Helped determine the direction of all aspects of our practice

We have had a great experience with CSR, a business strategy consultancy focused on professional service firms, and I think your firm would benefit from talking to them. They have helped us determine the direction of all aspects of our practice moving forward. It started with a strategic planning session where we all worked together to mutually decide our core values, determine our mission and vision so that the partners, associates, and staff can all be working toward the same agreed upon goals. CSR has been very helpful with things as routine as efficient staffing and as complex as partnership retirement and compensation. I highly recommend Alex and his team.


Partner, Insurance Defense Law Firm

Worth their weight in gold

CSR has helped to solidify our company culture, and they have been the guiding force behind our strategic growth. With their help, we’ve seen important positive results on our top and bottom lines that exceed the goals that we jointly developed with CSR at the beginning of the year. From hires and partnerships to new procedures and service offerings, their team has been there to help us think about how to effectively make decisions and to ensure they are successful. They keep us accountable with our action items and make themselves available as a sounding board whenever we need one. CSR is worth their weight in gold!


Managing partner, private medical practice 

Do it, do it right, do it right now

I have a favorite saying, “Do it, do it right, do it right now.” Unlike many other consultants, CSR doesn’t tell us what to do.  They are focused on the doing part – correctly and quickly – and with a spirit of ‘we’ll take care of it’ that I have not seen elsewhere.

President, MEP engineering firm 

Business development goals

As a busy partner in a law firm, it was important to me to pull up from the daily transactions and case volume and really examine my growth goals and networks. CSR’s team guided me through a process to define my ideal clients and book of business so that I could confidently progress. The tools that they provided fine-tuned my research, elevated appreciation for referral sources, and locked in healthy contributions to the firm’s success.

partner, Trust & Estate Planning and Business Law Firm

High energy, no-nonsense fixers

Alex is a high-energy, no-nonsense entrepreneur and a “fixer” who gets to the heart of the matter… your bottom line. Your business is well-served when CSR finds a problem and proposes a solution to fix it. Alex’s focus is how the customer is engaged, and how his clients are poised to serve that customer. Alex understands “right-sizing” like no other professional I’ve encountered. I learned a lot from Alex during the time we worked together, and would welcome an opportunity to work with him again in some capacity.

Principal, Process Automation firm

Kept on track by working in tandem

I worked with Catherine Fuss for over a year , and during that time I significantly increased my referral partners, fine-tuned my target practice areas, and joined new networking organizations with great professional fits. The strategic sessions early on have evolved into tactical planning meetings that keep me on track. Catherine’s focus on working in tandem with me, not just give me a “to-do” list, is what sets her apart

partner, Trust & Estate Planning and Business Law Firm

A partner in the trenches with you

I know I’m a great storyteller. I know how adept I am at using media outlets to bring my clients’ value to the forefront. But working with CSR for strategic marketing and business development coaching as I build my business has helped crystallize the areas where I needed focus and functional horsepower. They are a true in-the-trenches partner for my firm.


Founder & Owner, PR and Media Management Firm

Brings issues to light

I can sometimes read body language to tell what a person may be feeling or thinking. With Alex, all I have to do is read the eyebrows. CSR has the ability to ask the hard questions like, “Why didn’t you get that done?” or, “Is that really how things are done here?” All kidding aside, Alex and his team like to win and will walk through walls to do so. They are masters of bringing issues into the light by using facts, questions, and processes. Their challenging and probing inquiries were followed up by structures that made it apparent if I was moving in the right direction or not. The CSR team works hard and does what it takes to get the job done, but they don’t style themselves as heroes. They know what they don’t know and will bring in other resources as needed to augment their own skills to keep the project humming. I welcome any opportunity to work with CSR and would recommend them wholeheartedly.


project manager, Digital Marketing Firm

Game changer

Alex Muñoz is a game changer. In a very short amount of time, he streamlined our operations, cut the fat, lined up support systems, made us accountable, planned for and managed our growth, and made us as good at working ON our business as we already were at working IN our business. One of the most valuable things he does for me is that he nudges me out of my comfort zone in a way that feels exciting instead of scary, and I know he always has my back. He has gently explained how much more I could be doing with my business. Every time I said “but,” he fixed the problem and kept rolling. He planned the growth of my business, showed me how to achieve it, and planned for me to sustain it, by putting all the elements in place for my success. I don’t really understand how we ever got things done before Alex, but I know he’ll be on our team for the long term. Alex has earned my highest recommendation.


OWNER, PR and Media Strategy Consultancy

Drives strategic and operational improvement

Alex and his team at CSR have been able to quickly focus on the three or four issues that we needed to address in our business to take us to the next level. Additionally, they hold me and my team accountable for working our plan to implement the changes we need for business growth. As the president of the company, I’ve found this service invaluable. CSR has served as essentially my COO helping me drive strategic and operational improvement in the business. Thanks, CSR!


PRESIDENT, Staffing Company