All businesses need to know where they are headed and how to get there.

Strategic Planning Session

The strategic planning session is a stand-alone product CSR offers to all leaders to craft a truly strategic approach to their business and accelerate growth.

The methodology employed incorporates a combination of homework, two in-person sessions and off-site work.

CSR is a game changer. In a very short amount of time, they streamlined our operations, cut the fat, lined up support systems, made us accountable, planned for and managed our growth, and made us as good at working ON our business, as we were already working IN our business.

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Turn off the Auto-Pilot

I recently started working with a new vendor partner on a project.  The first email reply I received from her concluded with a cheery “You rock!”  Well, my head swelled, I sat up straighter, and I patted myself on the back.  She must have really liked my proposal and... read more

The WHY Reigns Supreme

A lot of businesses spend an inordinate amount of time touting WHAT they do.  Or companies may focus their sales efforts on describing HOW they serve customers in bringing their WHATs to market.  What a company does and how they do it are both very important.  But at... read more

You can’t operate on yourself.

There is a movie that I saw a few years ago by the name of Master and Commander (it stars Russell Crowe and Paul Bettany).  I was always struck by a scene where Bettany, the only doctor on board, has a malady that requires him to be opened up and operated upon. They... read more

Four Reasons to Love Performance Reviews

The infamous yearly evaluation…you hear facetious jokes about it, but there seems to be a consensus that the individual reviews with managers are a scary thing to be dreaded. However, I happen to like them! At CSR, we don’t just have yearly or quarterly... read more